The Advances of Transcription Software

Transcription services are one of the most valued data entry services within the industry. I’ve worked for a company and as an independent contractor which has exposed me to a wide range of different software and tools found in the industry. In order to transcribe audio file to text, there wasn’t very much available a few years ago. Typical software that allowed a user to increase or decrease the speed. As the years followed and the software progressed, we finally reached a point where we can transcribe audio on the fly with little human input but even now it’s necessary to have a human available to help ensure that it misses nothing. For the most part I allow the system to automate itself and then transcribe it without the help of the software to make sure everything matches up. I have two separate PCs for this; one automating the text to speed and the other.

It’s worrisome that this kind of technology is inevitably going to put most of us out of business. It’s going to be some time before that happens as those of us who are transcribing still are those that are capable of working quickly and are able to understand accents. That’s where the software fails more often than not; there’s either noise int he background that make it difficult to pick up the audio that the client desires or the accent is so thick that it’s not able to understand it in the slightest. There’s no telling how long it’s going to be until the software is able to reach the point of being able to understand accents, it might be years from now, but since much of the work that I do seems to be audio captured during events with what can be several speakers in the room I imagine that I have plenty of time before I’m forced to find new work.

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