Techniques to Find the Best Energy Rates

Owning my own home has taught me a lot about energy conservation. A lot of the things I’ve learned over time on my own, and other things I’ve learned by researching techniques and savings opportunities online. One of the best tips I learned came from my best friend and neighbor. He emailed me a link to learn about energy providers and told me to go to That was the first time I learned about energy deregulation in our state, and what that meant for me as a consumer. It meant that I would be able to get really great energy rates from this company, because they actively compete to keep customers. That’s part of the beauty of living in Texas.

Since I learned where the best place to buy energy was, I had that all taken care of. The next thing I wanted to do was make sure that my home was energy efficient in every way possible. I know that part of the battle of conserving energy is to not use the heater as much. They key to using the heater less is to retain as much natural energy during the day as possible, and use that retained energy to keep your place warm. One thing I’ve done is improve the insulation in my home. When it’s nice and warm during the day, all of the heat gets drawn into the home and stays there. At night when I’m using the heater, it takes much less energy to keep it at that constant temperature I desire.

Another thing I’ve done is teach the kids to turn off the lights when they’re not in a room. I know, it’s a hard habit to break, but it really does make a difference. Also, by having my kids start good energy conservation habits early, I’ll be able to help them save energy costs in the future. I’m sure they’ll still be using the same company I use, because they’re great, but I want them to have basic skills as well.

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