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Coal Tokens

1870's Newberry, Mich. Lumber, Coal, Trade Token -- Vulcan Store Co. 10c, Eagle


Kentucky Coal Scrip Tokens 5 Pc Set-South East Coal Co.-Seco-KY-Letcher County




Van, WV Token. Youghiogheny & Ohio Coal Co. 1c in trade. Boone Co. West Virginia


Tennessee Coal Scrip Token Set (4) New River Fuel Co.-Fork Mountain-TN-Anderson


Quicksand KY The East Kentucky Supply Co. coal token - denomination cut-out!


Tenn-Coal Mining Scrip Tokens 5 Pc Set-Trimore Coal Mining Co.-Devonia-Tennessee


American Rolling Mill Co. Middletown OH Osborne Register Coal Scrip Trade Token


Kentucky-Coal Mining-Scrip-Tokens-4-Pc-Set-Crummies Creek-Cawood-KY-Harlan Co.


West Virginia Coal Scrip Tokens--Four Different Dollars.


Kentucky Coal Scrip Tokens 5 Pc Set-Harlan Ridgeway Mining-Ridgeway-KY-Harlan


Kentucky-Coal Mining-Scrip-Token-4-Pc-Set-Fayette Jellico-Anchor-KY


Tennessee Coal Scrip Tokens Four Different Dollars


Kentucky Coal Scrip Token Set (4) --R.C.Tway Coal Company-Bland-KY-Harlan County


WV Coal Scrip Token 1¢ The Red Parrot Coal Company-Prenter-WV-Boone County


WV Coal Scrip Token $1.00 Ragland Coal Company-Ragland-WV-Mingo County


Utah Coal Scrip Token $1.00 Wasatch Store Company-Castle Gate-Utah-Carbon County


Kentucky-Coal Mining-Scrip-Token-3-Pc-Set-Knott Corp.-Anchor-KY


Tennessee Coal Mine Scrip Token-6 Pc Set -Clinchmore Mining Co.-TN


Kentucky-Coal Mining-Scrip-Tokens-7-Pc-Set-Koppers-Stores-Coxton-KY-Harlan-Cty


Kentucky-Coal Mining -Scrip-Tokens-5-Pc-Set-Ruckman-Store-Providence-KY-Webster


Kentucky Coal Scrip Tokens 5 Pc Set-Mahan-Ellison Coal Corp.-Stanfill-KY-Harlan


TN Coal Scrip Token 5 Cent Diamond Coal Mining Co.-Rosedale-TN-Anderson County


Kentucky-Coal Mining-Scrip-Token-6-Pc-Set-Dawson Daylight, Dawson Springs,KY


Piedmont Ky token - Gish Cannel Coal Co - 25c in mdse - Morgan Co Kentucky R-10


Carbon Coal & Coke Company Good For 12-1/2cts Worth Powder Trade Token


WV Coal Scrip Token 25¢ Pawama Coal & Coke Company-Matoaka-WV-Mercer County


Kentucky-Coal Mining-Scrip-Token-4-Pc-Set-Harlan Industrial Collierie-Tinsley-KY


Tennesee Coal Mine Scrip Token-4 Piece Set Rennebaum -Hartranft-Claiborne County


WV Coal Mining Scrip Tokens 5 Pc Set-Lake Superior Coal Co.-WV-McDowell


WV Coal Mining Scrip Tokens 6 Pc Set-Spruce River Coal Company-Ramage-WV-Boone


West Virginia Coal Scrip Token--Half Dollar-Joe Perkins-Davy-WV-McDowell County


Hiawatha, Utah Token. Carbon Emery Stores 1 Exploder C. E. S. Coal Mining


Edwight, WV Token. Hazy Eagle Coal Co. 10c. Raleigh Co. West Virginia. R-10.


West Virginia Coal Scrip Token 1¢ N.R.& P. Stores-Kaymoor -W. Va.


Edwight, WV Token. Hazy Eagle Coal Co. 25c. Raleigh Co. West Virginia. Unlisted.


Black Gold Mining Company Incorporated 1¢ In Merchandise Coal Token


Kentucky Coal Scrip Token 5¢ Diamond Coal Company-Upland-KY-Webster County


Westchester-Pocohontas Colliers Co.Coal Token,Westchester, W.Va. Good For 25