Helpful Cosplay Resources

Below are useful resources that I recommend to every cosplayers:

1. Where you can get your cosplay costumes tailored or commissioned.

Their customer service is great. Price is right. Their costumes are perfect for the cosplay shootings.

2. Where you share your cosplay with the cosplayer community.

It’s arguably the most famous cosplay website.

3. Where you find out which cosplay convention you should go to.

It has the most complete data.

4. Do I really have to write description about this website?

It’s funny that I listed here. But I honestly think this giant provides a great method to connect to cosplayers.

5. Where you print your best cosplay photoes?

They always have promotion available. Grab one for free!

I hope you will find the above useful.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.


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