Building a Web Presence to Digitally Recreate the Brick and Mortar Store Shopping Experience

Most companies have made a move to at least having some sort of footprint in the online marketing world. The huge brick and mortar stores that are still profitable have online versions of their stores. This is especially true since the giant retailer that started out online is grabbing so much market share. Big electronics and department stores sell their wares online, and they even offer stuff from other companies for a percentage of the take. Some stores are pushing an online presence to be ready for a future of not having real stores.

A marketing company in thailand is what we use to build our web presence. We are a small company that serves a niche demographic. Still, there are enough online sources for our product line that we were losing revenue by not having a web presence. A survey of our customers found that some of them preferred shopping online even though they enjoyed our in-store experience. We wanted to get them back as customers, so we had an online store made. We digitally attempted to duplicate some of the experience of what it is like to come into our stores.

Our real stores are a visual and olfactory experience. There is no current technology to convey the scents of our store adequately, but we were able to recreate the look using ultra high resolution images and video on the website. The current bandwidth available to most people in the United States, even with cell phones, makes this possible. The marketing company in Thailand that we used is very good at developing an online presence for our brand. We are pleased with the look and the sales results. The page ranking from the SEO has helped us regain those customers that used to come into our stores but now prefer shopping online.

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