Archive: December 2016

Techniques to Find the Best Energy Rates

Owning my own home has taught me a lot about energy conservation. A lot of the things I’ve learned over time on my own, and other things I’ve learned by researching techniques and savings opportunities online. One of the best tips I learned came from my best friend and neighbor. He emailed me a link to learn about energy providers and told me to go to That was the first time I learned about energy deregulation in our state, and what that meant for me as a consumer. It meant that I would be able to get really great energy rates from this company, because they actively compete to keep customers. That’s part of the beauty of living in Texas.

Since I learned where the best place to buy energy was, I had that all taken care of. The next thing I wanted to do was make sure that my home was energy efficient in every way possible. (more…)